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Tear Analysis of Li Gao Precision Hardware Stamping Parts
08-21 / 2019

By examining the tearing position, fracture morphology, and degree of squeezing damage of precision metal stamping parts, it can be determined that the tearing and skewing behavior of the parts is mainly reflected in the flanging forming process. The reasons for the occurrence of this process phenomenon are as follows:

1. The forming process parameters of precision hardware stamping parts are not executed properly. During the forming process of the parts, the process requires that the concave mold, pressing core, and the two parts must be tightly fitted together, and the plastic deformation of the sheet metal is compressed when the machine tool slider slides down to achieve forming.

2. There are defects in the design of the flanging forming mold. Due to the fact that this process not only involves flanging, but also includes shape forming content. In addition, the workpiece is particularly complex, with a narrow bending surface, and the forming requirements for the concave mold pressing material core match the forming surface, resulting in a large forming stroke and a small pressing area in the mold structure.

Shenzhen Licao Precision Mold Co., Ltd. has more than 20 imported stamping equipment from Japan, with a factory area of 6000 square meters. The front-end of precision hardware stamping parts is jointly developed with customers, and strict mold design evaluation and review are carried out to improve the success rate of terminal spring terminal product research and development, as well as the economy and rationality of mass production.

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