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Industry knowledge
Advantages of metal contact shrapnel
08-18 / 2023

In fact, there are many metal contact springs called potentiometers used in electronic products. Because it is somewhat like a button on a garment, it is also known as a "button switch". Metal contact springs are usually made of 301 stainless steel. More countries use 304 stainless steel as raw material.

Metal contact shrapnel is very flexible, mainly due to the magnitude and shape of the force. These three parameters can be changed according to the requirements of the product. (There must be a limit change).

Metal contact shrapnel has stability, elasticity, and excellent conductivity. It is reflected in the low failure probability of electronic button products. Due to its good rebound strength, it is suitable for key switches in electronic products.

Metal contact shrapnel is very durable, and stainless steel products are generally difficult to damage, and surface treatment can extend the service life of the workpiece.

The parameters of the metal contact spring are obvious, such as lifespan, strength, withstand voltage, and even temperature resistance, cold resistance, etc. These parameters can be detected by testing equipment. You can also design according to the needs of the product. Of course, the better the performance, the more expensive the price. Therefore, customers can estimate the life of electronic button products based on the actual needs of the product, rather than too many. Even if there is no mess in ten years, it is impossible to exceed 300000 times. Therefore, choosing 500000 metal shrapnel is sufficient.

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