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Industry knowledge
Assembly of upper mold seat for precision stamping molds
10-11 / 2023

In order to shorten the processing cycle of stamping molds, enhance mold accuracy, unify the methods of operators, reduce anomalies that may occur during mold production, ensure production quality and mold life, the following explanation is given to the assembly process of the upper mold seat of the stamping mold.

The assembly of the upper die seat of the stamping mold is completed in the following 10 steps:

1. Splint Φ 12.000 positioning holes and auxiliary guide pillar holes, with a circumferential chamfer of R1.0 and polished

2. Use a 600 # oilstone or diamond file to remove burrs from the frame opening.

3. Use 600 #~1000 # oilstones to flatten both sides of the template and remove any burrs.

4. Use kerosene and alcohol to clean the mold surface and inner holes.

5. Install the auxiliary guide set into the same template.

6. Place the clamping part of the punch into the template frame and check if the punch is smoothly removed and placed. (Do not put the punch in after it is closed to avoid accidentally breaking the small punch)

7. Fix the punch with a pressure plate. (Note that the pressure plate should not be too close to the punch to avoid interference with the punch.) After fixing the punch, there should be a small amount of movement space to facilitate the natural alignment of the punch.

8. Gently close the detachment plate and the detachment back plate together into the clamp plate, and check if there is any interference in the positioning of the detachment back plate's pressing plate. When fully closed, there should be no gap between the detachment back plate and the clamp plate.

9. After joining, the cutting punch should exceed the pressing surface by more than 0.8mm (minus material thickness).

10. Insert the adjustment rod and upper mold adjustment punch, and rotate the screw until the adjustment punch approaches the effective height.

Through the above 10 steps, the assembly of the upper mold seat of the stamping mold has been completed.

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