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Industry knowledge
Methods for Improving Durability of Hardware Stamping Dies
07-28 / 2023

Stamping molds are essential process equipment in the stamping production process, and they often lose their working dimensions due to wear and tear during the production process, making it difficult to meet production needs. So improving the durability of hardware stamping dies is the key. Next, Ligao will share with you the methods for improving the durability of hardware stamping dies.

There are several methods to improve the durability of stamping molds:


1. Improving the Design of Stamping Dies

Whether the design of stamping molds is reasonable is the basis for improving the durability of stamping molds. Therefore, when designing stamping molds, effective measures should be taken to address the adverse conditions in product forming, in order to improve the durability of the stamping mold. For example, the lifespan of designing small hole stamping molds is often reflected in the punch for punching small holes. For this type of stamping mold, the design should minimize the length of the small punch to increase strength, and at the same time, the guide sleeve method should be used to strengthen the protection of the small punch.

2. Correct selection of stamping die materials

Different stamping die materials have different strengths, toughness, and wear resistance. Under certain conditions, using advanced materials can increase durability several times. Therefore, in order to improve the durability of stamping molds, it is necessary to choose good materials.

3. Reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts

While selecting high-quality stamping die materials, reasonable forging and heat treatment are required for materials of the same material and different properties, which is one of the main ways to improve the durability of stamping dies. For example, during quenching, if the production is overheated during heating, not only will the workpiece become excessively brittle, but it is also prone to deformation and cracking during cooling, reducing its durability. Therefore, when manufacturing stamping molds, it is necessary to have a reasonable grasp of the heat treatment process.

4. Reasonably arranging the manufacturing process of stamping molds and ensuring machining accuracy

The machining accuracy of stamping molds has a significant impact on their durability. In the punching die, uneven assembly gaps often cause the concave die to gnaw under shear force, which affects the lifespan of the stamping die. At the same time, if the surface finish of the stamping die is too low, it will also reduce the durability of the stamping die.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the size of the hole spacing, the perpendicularity of the convex mold to the supporting surface of the fixed plate during assembly, the uniformity of the spacing between the stamping molds, and the guidance accuracy level of the guide sleeve and guide pillar during processing. The higher the manufacturing and assembly accuracy, and the higher the surface roughness level of the working part, the higher the durability of the stamping die.

5. Correct selection of press machine

In order to improve the durability of stamping molds, a press with higher accuracy and rigidity should be selected, and its stamping tonnage should be greater than 30% of the stamping pressure. Normally, using a servo punch can correspondingly increase the lifespan of the mold by several to several tens of times.

6. Reasonable use and maintenance of stamping molds

In order to improve the durability of stamping molds, operators must use and maintain stamping molds reasonably, and frequently repair stamping molds to prevent them from working with defects.

Let's share the methods for improving the durability of metal stamping molds. The significance of improving the wear resistance of metal stamping molds can not only increase the service life of stamping molds, reduce production costs for mold enterprises, but also ensure the quality of the products produced and improve production efficiency.

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