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Industry knowledge
The characteristics of precision molds and the difference from ordinary molds
09-08 / 2023

What are the differences between precision molds and ordinary molds?

Now we first understand the six characteristics of precision mold forming:

   1. The product has high dimensional accuracy and small tolerances, that is, high-precision dimensional boundaries;

   2. The product has high repeatability requirements, and the dimensional stability of the day, month and year is required;

   3. The mold material is good, the rigidity is sufficient, the dimensional accuracy of the cavity, the smoothness and the positioning accuracy between the templates are high;

   4. Use precision injection molding machine to replace conventional injection molding machine;

   5. Using precision molding technology;

   6. Choose materials suitable for precision molding.

The key dimensions of many precision molds are not allowed to have an inclination, but the tolerance zone is generally used to add a small inclination when the mold is made, such as a gear mounting column. When building a digital model, you must pay attention to the adjustment of tolerances. Generally, the 3D model provided by the customer is useless, because many of his dimensions are used in the limit size. If the mold design is carried out according to this, the produced mold basically requires Scrapped.

   Secondly, the drawings must be comprehensive, complete and accurate, use inserts as much as possible, consider processing, and rely on the machine to ensure the dimensions as much as possible. (The function of the master fitter's technology in precision plastic molds is to strictly follow the drawings. Most mold parts Strict design tolerances, not only the working part of the cavity and core, but also the relevant dimensions of the installation position of all inserts must be strictly limited. Generally controlled at +/-0.005.

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