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  • Precision mold
For precision mold temperature adjustment loop, the mold must be controlled at a uniform temperature. It is necessary to set the temperature difference required for the resin flow direction, and countermeasures are required for the thickness change part. When the molded product is released from the mold, the surface temperature of the mold in the product section must be uniform. This requires a reasonable mold cooling system. Precision molds require high precision, and the processing methods used for processing molds are very important. Divide the mold cavity of the product part according to the shape of the molded product, and it is very common to move the wire slowly. Therefore, the processing method must be considered when designing. The precision mold structure should be reasonable to facilitate the addition of other solutions. For example, a position may be unsatisfactory. If it is indeed unsatisfactory after the test, a supplementary plan should be adopted.
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