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Analysis of common faults in metal stamping parts
07-27 / 2018

Stamping is the first of the four technologies, and its importance can be imagined. The quality of the finished product of the stamping factory will lay a reliable foundation for the appearance and performance of the whole vehicle. Therefore, the quality assurance of the stamping parts has always been a very important issue in the automobile manufacturing enterprises. According to the practical experience of quality management in the stamping factory of our company, the author summarizes the common causes and Countermeasures in the process of making metal stamping parts, hoping to provide some useful reference for the improvement of the quality of the stamping factory.

1. Why do metal stamping parts turn over and twist?

In the progressive die, the stamping parts are formed by punching the periphery of the stamping parts to form the shape of the stamping parts. The main cause of stamping and twisting is punching force. During blanking, due to the existence of blanking clearance, the material is stretched on the side of the concave die (the material warp upwards) and is compressed on the side of the punch. When the unloading plate is used, the unloading plate is used to compress the material to prevent the material on the side of the concave die from warping upward, so the force condition of the material changes correspondingly. With the increase of material pressure, the material on the side of the punch is stretched (the compression force tends to decrease), and the material on the die surface is compressed (the tensile force tends to decrease). The rollover of stamping parts is due to the tensile strength of the material on the die surface. Therefore, pressing and compressing material during blanking is the key to prevent the material from turning and twisting. Causes and Countermeasures of stamping and twisting during stamping. 1 the blanking edge caused by the blanking of the blanking. We need to study the punching edge, and pay attention to check whether the blanking clearance is reasonable. 2 the blanking and distortion of the blanking parts have been produced during blanking, resulting in poor forming after bending. 3 bending is caused by the instability of the stamping parts. It is mainly aimed at U and V shaped bending. The key to solve the problem is to deal with the problem, as well as the guide position in the process of bending and bending of the stamping parts before bending, and the pressing of material to prevent the slipping of stamping parts during bending.

Two, why does the hardware stamping cause tear?

The process of stamping the middle surface guard bracket of metal stamping parts is: blanking punching - punching cut - flanging - cut - flanging. There are various forms of tear and skew in the forming process of the middle face support. The tear parts are mainly distributed in the parts of the workpiece, the R arc and the boundary of the wall neck at the corner of the side wall. Because of the difference between the stamping forming and the production process conditions, the proportion of the broken parts is different. The tear can be a one-off forming tear or a tear due to the development of a fatigue crack, that is, the hidden crack. The reason analysis, according to the actual situation in the field, through the inspection of the parts of the tear, the shape of the fracture and the degree of extrusion, it is considered that the torn and skew behavior of the parts is mainly reflected in the flanging forming process, which causes the following reasons:

The 1. forming process parameters are not in place. During the forming process of the parts, the process requires that the die, the core and the parts of the two must be closely fitted together, and the plastic deformation of the sheet material can be formed when the slide block of the machine tool slides down.

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