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L.G precision mold Requirements for metal stamping materials for precision hardware
07-27 / 2018

The surface and internal properties of precision metal stamping materials have great influence on the quality of stamping products.

(1) the thickness is accurate and uniform. Stamping die precision, small gap, sheet thickness over the assembly to increase the deformation force, and cause card material, even the die bulge crack; thin sheet material will affect the quality of finished products, in deep drawing even crack.

2. The surface is smooth, no spots, no scar, no abrasions, no surface cracks, etc. All surface defects will remain on the surface of the finished workpiece, and the crack defects may extend to a wide extent in bending, drawing and forming processes, resulting in waste products.

(3) the yield strength is uniform. In the stamping process, such as deep drawing, flanging, and bulging, the uneven deformation of the plastic deformation is caused by the occurrence of anisotropic yield and the inconsistency of the plastic deformation, which causes the inaccurate forming of the defective or waste products.

(4) high uniformity elongation rate. In tensile test, the elongation rate before the specimen starts to appear thin neck is called uniform elongation. When drawing, the deformation of any area of the sheet should not exceed the uniform extension of the material, otherwise there will be uneven deformation.

The ratio of flexion to strength is low. The ratio between yield limit and ultimate strength of precision metal stamping parts is called the ratio of yield to strength. The low flexural strength ratio can not only reduce the deformation resistance, but also reduce the tendency of wrinkling during drawing, reduce the springback after bending, and improve the accuracy of bending parts.

6. Low processing sclerosis. The work hardening after cold deformation will increase the deformation resistance of the material and make it difficult to carry on the deformation. Generally, the sheet with low hardening exponent is used. However, the material with high hardening exponent has good plastic deformation stability and is not prone to local cracking.

In the actual production, the high precision mold often carries on the technological test, such as the drawing performance test, the bulging performance test and so on to test the stamping performance of the material, so as to ensure the quality of the precision metal stamping parts.

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