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What should be done to prevent the damage of metal stamping parts?
07-27 / 2018

No matter in the production process or in use, any negligence of links will cause damage to stamping parts, which is definitely unfavorable to the performance of products. So what products do we need to pay attention to when we want to avoid products with similar problems?

In the process of production, the impact of die, processing technology, stamping equipment, material and other factors may make the stamping parts defects in the production process, so the preventive measures should be carried out in many ways. First of all, different materials used for stamping parts should be targeted, usually stainless steel.

When installing metal stamping parts, pay attention to the size and installation position of the products, and determine the matching degree between them. The maintenance of metal stamping parts in the use process is also very important, and should do a good job of antirust and anticorrosion measures, in addition to ensure the degree of lubrication of stamping parts, because many of the time damage is caused by the problem of lubrication.

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