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  • Manganese steel chip
Product introduction

Compressed mechanical motor chip precision Ma Dagai

The intelligent production line of automatic drawing die is devoted to the design, development and manufacture of drawing products. The ultimate drawing process of 1:6 deep iron and 1:12 aluminum is the best one-stop process for necking and necking.

1. Improve material utilization, 2. Improve production efficiency, 3. Improve the rate of finished products, 4. Save personnel.

At present, the pictures are provided for customers'reference only, and the products are manufactured according to their styles and graphic sizes. We can make moulds or produce products according to the customers' faces.

Our products with its beautiful appearance, good finish, high precision size, long service life and other advantages favored by customers, high quality and low price, can provide free proofing, according to the manufacturer's requirements for design! Product development cycle is short. The price is negotiable.

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Tel: 0755-2739 4793

Fax: 0755-2739 5743

Address: the first floor of two building, Changsheng Industrial Park, Sha Jing Road, Sha Jing Road, Shenzhen.

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