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  • 2.0Socket terminal
Product introduction

Shenzhen Ligao precision stamping die is a professional design and manufacture of precision stamping die and precision hardware stamping ODM / OEM professional manufacturers. Professional stamping production precision hardware stamping terminal, round hole pin, brass pieces and other precision hardware. Products are widely used in precision connector terminals, motor chips, micro motor fragments, new energy hardware, automotive terminals, home appliances precision fragments, intelligent electronic components, medical terminals, and other consumer electronics products industry.

People oriented is the basis and customer respect is the key. Winning by quality is the key. Technology is the core.

ISO certification: Ligao has passed the ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949 quality management system certification, all processes are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to effectively implement.

Application scope

1 information products

2 cars, motorcycles

3 aviation and navigation

4 Nuclear Power

5 phone, cell phone

6PC computer

7 medical supplies

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