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There are no defects in die casting parts on the surface of precision drawing parts. The shape stress of the tensile part should be simple and symmetrical, the springback at the mouth should be allowed, and the side wall should be allowed to have the technological inclination. The wall thickness of the cylinder wall is generally thicker and thinner.

The shape stress of the precision drawing parts should be simple and symmetrical. The springback should be allowed at the mouth and the process inclination should be allowed at the side wall. The wall thickness of the cylinder wall is generally thicker and thinner. The manufacturer of metal stretching parts puts forward that attention should be paid to the dimensioning of the design drawings of the stretching parts. The thickness of the stretching parts changes because of the different stress magnitude in each place. Generally speaking, the material at the bottom corner becomes thinner, the material at the top near the flange becomes thicker, and the material around the corner of the rectangular drawing piece becomes thicker. Standard method for product dimension of precision drawing parts: In the design of drawing products, the dimensions on the product drawing should be clearly stated that the external or internal dimensions must be guaranteed, and the internal and external dimensions can not be marked simultaneously. Dimensional tolerance of drawing parts: The inner radius of concave-convex arc of drawing parts and the height and dimension tolerance of cylindrical drawing parts formed at one time are two-sided symmetrical deviations. The deviation value is half of the national standard (GB) grade 16 precision tolerance value, and is crowned with (+).

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