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  • Circular needle terminal
Product introduction

The utility model provides a male-female pin structure of an automobile connector, which comprises a male-female pin and a female-female pin, and the female-female pin is a hollow circular tube structure and includes a plug-in section and a fixed section. Two opposite and separately arranged shrapnel pieces are arranged on the plug-in section, and each shrapnel is reversed in the plug-in direction of the female-pin insertion socket. When the needle is inserted into the socket hole, the end of the shrapnel is elastic against the inner wall of the socket hole, the front end of the shrapnel is also provided with the entrance section of the master needle, and the male and female shrapnel of the automobile connector extends along the entrance section of the master needle to the rear end of the master needle and is elastically swinging relative to the insertion section. With the insertion connecting piece of the fixed section, a bending convex part is arranged on the elastic piece which is directly opposite to the jack, and an opening part is formed between the two insertion connecting pieces for the bending convex part to be collected in the jack; the utility model can make the master needle stably fixed in the jack hole corresponding to the electric connector, and realize stable and reliable electric connection with the male needle.

Automotive connector terminals:

North American Automobile Connector Terminals: USCAR Drawings / Performance / Design Standard & raquo; Tangless Terminals, TPA's, CPA Regulations; in many instances, harness suppliers have a significant impact.

European automobile connector terminals: terminal contact design has a significant impact / is developed with major vehicle manufacturers; prefers two-piece terminals, even if cost pressures and North American porting forces the vehicle manufacturers to consider North American technology; and accepts Tangled terminals. Cloning is very common; the long term relationship between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

Asian automotive connector terminals are traditionally influenced by TOYOTA. It has a long-term relationship with YAZAKI and SUMITOMO; the key lies in good quality and trustworthiness; a strong focus on assembling capabilities that affect quality assurance (ergonomics); and North America's impact on China's changing status quo. Low cost solutions are the key.

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