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Industry knowledge
Analysis of the Causes of Metal Stamping Mold Bursting
10-11 / 2023

Cracking of metal stamping mold templates is a common situation, but in severe cases, one template is suddenly divided into several pieces. Of course, there are many reasons for the direct cracking of the template, from mold design and purchasing materials to the stamping operation process, which can have an impact on it. Below is a summary of the reasons for the cracking of metal stamping molds.

Analysis of the reasons for the bursting of metal stamping molds:

1. Poor material discharge

No demagnetization treatment or material return tips before production; During production, there are stuck materials such as broken needles and springs; When assembling the mold, there is no leakage, rolling or foot blocking, which is the most common. If the assembly master is not careful, such as when there are many material holes or when the mold has cushion blocks, this situation is most likely to occur.

2. Design process

The strength of the mold is insufficient, the spacing between the cutting edges is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable, and the number of template blocks is not enough without a pad or foot.

3. Heat treatment: deformation caused by improper quenching and tempering process

Practice has proven that the hot working quality of molds has a significant impact on their performance and service life. From the analysis and statistics of the causes of mold failure, it can be seen that over 40% of mold failure "accidents" are caused by improper heat treatment.

4. Improper wire cutting processing

Ground wire cutting, improper clearance treatment for wire cutting, failure to clear corners, and the influence of metamorphic layer caused by wire cutting. The cutting edge of stamping dies is often processed by wire cutting. Due to the thermal and electrolytic effects of wire cutting machining, a certain thickness of metamorphic layer is formed on the surface of the mold, resulting in a decrease in surface hardness and the appearance of micro cracks. This leads to early wear of the wire cutting machining die, directly affecting the maintenance of the die cutting gap and the tendency of the blade to collapse, shortening the service life of the mold. Therefore, in online cutting processing, reasonable electrical standards should be selected to minimize the depth of the metamorphic layer as much as possible.

5. Selection of punching machine equipment

The punching machine has insufficient tonnage and cutting force, and the mold is adjusted too deeply. The accuracy and rigidity of stamping equipment (such as presses) are extremely important for the lifespan of stamping dies. The precision and rigidity of stamping equipment are high, and the service life of the stamping die is greatly improved. For example, the complex silicon steel sheet stamping die material is Crl2MoV, which is used on a regular open press and has an average regrinding life of 10000 to 30000 times; On the new precision press, the regrinding life of the stamping die can reach 60000 to 120000 times.

I am not sure if you have learned the analysis of the reasons for the bursting of the hardware stamping mold shared above. In addition, the production awareness of the hardware stamping operators is also very important. If the positioning is not in place, the use of an air gun is not used, and the template has cracks, continuing production can also have an impact.

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