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Industry knowledge
What should be done to prevent damage to hardware stamping parts?
08-21 / 2019

Whether in the production process or use, any negligence in the process can cause damage to the stamping parts, which is definitely detrimental to the performance of the product. So what aspects do we need to pay attention to when we want to find ways to avoid products with similar problems?

After analysis by the editor, it has been found that during the production process, factors such as molds, processing techniques, stamping equipment, and materials may all affect the appearance of defects in stamping parts. Therefore, preventive measures should also be taken from multiple aspects. Firstly, the materials used for different purposes of hardware stamping parts should be targeted, usually using stainless steel materials.

When installing hardware stamping parts, attention should be paid to the size and installation position of the product to determine the degree of matching between the two. The maintenance of hardware stamping parts during use is also very important, and rust and anti-corrosion measures should be taken. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the lubrication level of the stamping parts, as many damages are caused by lubrication problems.

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