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Industry knowledge
The process classification of hardware stamping parts
08-21 / 2019

The forming and processing method of obtaining the required shape and size of workpieces by applying external forces to plates, strips, pipes, and profiles through punching machines and molds, resulting in plastic deformation or separation. The resulting workpieces are hardware stamping parts. Our company states that stamping parts are formed by applying external forces on plates, strips, pipes, and profiles using presses and molds, resulting in plastic deformation or separation to obtain the required shape and size of workpieces (hardware stamping parts). Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing (also known as pressure processing), collectively known as forging. The blanks for metal stamping mainly consist of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and strips.

Hardware stamping parts

Compared with castings and forgings, metal stamping parts have the characteristics of being thin, uniform, light, and strong. Stamping can produce workpieces with reinforcing ribs, ribs, undulations, or flanges that are difficult to manufacture by other methods to improve their rigidity. Due to the use of precision molds, the workpiece accuracy can reach the micrometer level, with high repeatability and consistent specifications, and can be punched out with holes, protrusions, etc.

Process classification of metal stamping parts

The clutch, commonly known as the "strong clutch" in Hong Kong, comes from the English word "Clutch", while in Taiwanese it is often referred to as "Li Zi" or "Japanese". It is a device that transmits the engine power of a car or other power machinery to the axle through a switch.

The clutch is installed between the engine and transmission, and is an assembly directly connected to the engine in the automotive transmission system. Usually, the clutch is installed together with the flywheel group of the engine crankshaft, which is a component that cuts off and transmits power between the engine and the automotive transmission system.

During the entire process from starting to normal driving, the driver can manipulate the clutch as needed to temporarily separate or gradually engage the engine and transmission system, in order to cut off or transmit the power output from the engine to the transmission system. Its function is to gradually engage the engine and transmission, thereby ensuring a smooth start of the car; Temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and transmission to facilitate gear shifting and reduce the impact during gear shifting; When the car undergoes emergency braking, it can have a separation effect to prevent overloading of transmission systems such as transmissions, thus providing a certain degree of protection.

A clutch is similar to a switch, which engages or disengages the power transmission function. The active and driven parts of the clutch mechanism can temporarily separate and gradually engage, and there is also a possibility of relative rotation during the transmission process. Rigid connections cannot be used between the active and driven components of the clutch. Any form of car has a clutch device, but the form is different.

Cold metal stamping parts generally do not undergo cutting processing, or only require a small amount of cutting processing. The precision and surface state of hot stamping parts are lower than those of cold stamping parts, but they are still better than castings and forgings, and the cutting amount is less.

Stamping is an efficient production method that uses composite molds, especially multi-station progressive molds, to complete multiple stamping processes on a single press, achieving fully automatic production from strip uncoiling, leveling, punching to forming and finishing. High production efficiency, good labor conditions, low production costs, typically producing hundreds of pieces per minute.

Our company mainly classifies hardware stamping according to process, which can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process. The separation process, also known as punching, aims to make the stamped part move from a certain contour line

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