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Requirements for precision metal stamping processing
08-21 / 2019

The production efficiency of precision metal stamping processing is high, the operation is convenient and convenient, and it is easy to achieve mechanization and automation, because stamping relies on dies and stamping equipment to complete the processing. The travel times of ordinary press machines can reach dozens of times per minute, and high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. And every stamping stroke may result in a stamping part!

Stamped parts are processed to produce parts with a large range of dimensions and complex shapes, such as small stopwatches for clocks, large car longitudinal beams, covers, etc., coupled with the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during stamping, and the strength and stiffness of stamping are both high.

In fact, the industrial adjustment of the hardware stamping parts and hardware industry is still ongoing. In addition to this visible and traceable history, the China Hardware Products Association is still continuously guiding the industry to continue innovation, improve quality, increase added value, and move from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement.

Precision hardware stamping parts are mainly formed by stamping metal or non-metallic sheet materials through stamping molds with the pressure of a press.

Introduce the requirements for precision metal stamping parts processing for bent parts:

1. The shape of bent parts should be as symmetrical as possible, and the bending radius should not be less than the minimum allowable bending radius of the material.

2. The curved edge is too short to form easily, so the straight part of the curved edge should be H>2 δ。 If H is required to be very short, it is necessary to leave an appropriate margin to increase H first, and then cut off the added metal after bending.

When bending parts with holes, in order to avoid deformation of the holes, the second requirement is for deep drawn parts.

4. The appearance of hardware stamping parts should be simple and symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large. In order to minimize the number of drawing times and facilitate forming.

5. The fillet radius of hardware stamping parts should be adjusted without increasing the process procedure. Otherwise, it will inevitably increase the number of deep drawing and shaping work, increase the number of molds, and easily generate waste and increase costs.

This requires enterprises to further strengthen their quality awareness, do a good job of the products they are currently capable of producing, lay a solid foundation, strive for excellence, and make the most practical efforts at the current level! Let enterprises move from easy to difficult, and from a more pragmatic perspective, improve and enhance existing products through innovation, especially digestion, absorption, and innovation.

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