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Industry knowledge
What are the types of metal stamping molds?
08-21 / 2019

Hardware stamping molds are essential tools for making hardware stamping parts. In fact, hardware stamping molds are divided into different types according to different standards, which may not be clear to many people. Below, I will introduce the types of hardware stamping molds in detail.

Hardware stamping molds can be divided into punching molds, drawing molds, bending molds, and forming molds according to their technological properties.

1. Blanking die: A mold that separates materials along a closed or open contour line, such as a blanking die, punching die, cutting die, cutting die, edge cutting die, sectioning die, etc.

2. Deep drawing die: It is a mold used to make open hollow parts from blank sheets, or to further change the shape and size of the hollow parts.

3. Bending mold: A mold that produces bending deformation of a blank or other blank along a straight line (bending curve) to obtain a workpiece with a certain angle and shape.

4. Forming mold: refers to a mold that directly replicates a rough or semi-finished workpiece into the shape of a convex or concave mold, while the material itself only produces local plastic deformation.

Hardware stamping molds can be divided into single process molds, composite molds, and progressive molds (also known as continuous molds) according to the degree of process combination.

1. Single process mold: A mold that completes only one stamping process in one stroke of a press.

2. Composite mold: A mold with only one workstation that completes two or more stamping processes simultaneously on the same workstation in one stroke of the press.

3. Progressive die (also known as continuous die): A mold with two or more workstations in the direction of blank feeding, which completes two or more stamping processes on different workstations in one stroke of the press

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