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Characteristics of stamping process for metal stamping parts
12-02 / 2019

The stamping process of hardware stamping parts has the following characteristics:

1. Hardware stamping products have a smooth surface, high precision, stable size, and excellent quality, such as excellent compatibility, light weight, excellent strength and strength. The stamping process is difficult to handle in different processing methods, such as thin shell parts, and can also handle you. Flanges, wavy shapes, ribs, and other workpieces.

2. Stamped products have low cutting, high material utilization, and low or no material costs.

3. Easy to achieve high production efficiency, simple operation, mechanization and automation. With advanced production lines, you can achieve fully automated machine operations with low labor intensity, used for feeding, stamping, picking, and waste removal.

4. The structure of stamping molds is complex, the production cycle is long, and the price is expensive. Therefore, the stamping process is mainly used for batch production and mass production, and single piece and small batch production are limited.

1. Lack of understanding of the characteristics of precision stamping materials and raw material conditions can lead to cracks in the workpiece.

2. When heat treating the workpiece, it will not clamp or deform.

When the bending curve is in the rolling direction, the workpiece is prone to necking and cracking.

4. The bending radius of the working water is designed to be smaller than the thick plate, which is prone to cracks;

5. Size of bending angle

The above is about the stamping process characteristics of hardware stamping parts and the reasons for cracks.

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