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Industry knowledge
What should be paid attention to when removing metal stamping shrapnel molds from the machine?
06-16 / 2023

During the stamping process of the metal stamping bullet mold, due to the use of a high-speed punch, the risk factors are high. If operated improperly, the mold can cause serious damage, and the operator's safety may be harmed. Therefore, the mold needs to be lowered, and remember the following operations to ensure safety. Mold and operator. What should we pay attention to?

Attention should be paid to the following items for the next machine tool when using hardware stamping and shrapnel molds:

1. When the mold is closed normally, it is necessary to insert the mold guide needle into the circular hole.

2. Attention should be paid to the following parts of the metal stamping shrapnel mold. After the mold, the host and other power supplies will be turned off to avoid wasting resources.

3. Before pulling the mold, confirm that the material strip at the mold inlet has been loosened and disassembled.

4. Abnormal mold removal should not be operated again, especially after the mold has stopped.

5. When the stamping die is pulled away from the mold, the mold car cannot rotate too fast. Prevent the guide plate or material bracket from hanging the punch or punch cover, causing damage to mold components or mold slips.

6. When the mold does not move, it can be pulled outward and pushed backwards. (To avoid two people pushing back at the same time and pushing the mold out of the punching table), or use lifting screws to rotate the threaded holes of the lower mold seat.

The above 6 points are the next thing to pay attention to when using metal stamping shrapnel molds. Everyone should pay attention when using metal stamping molds to prevent unnecessary accidents.

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