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Industry knowledge
The difference between hardware stamping molds and plastic processing molds
03-08 / 2024

What is the difference between hardware stamping molds and plastic processing molds? Many people may not be able to distinguish and believe that hardware stamping molds are made of hardware, while plastic processing molds are made of plastic. Today, the editor of hardware stamping manufacturers will explain the difference between hardware stamping molds and plastic processing molds.

The difference between hardware stamping molds and plastic processing molds:

1. Hardware stamping molds are specialized tools used in industrial production to produce parts or products of the desired shape from metal materials using various presses and specialized tools installed on the presses. These specialized tools are collectively referred to as hardware stamping molds, and the processed products are hardware stamping parts.

2. Plastic processing molds are a combination of plastic molds used for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, and low foaming molding. It mainly includes a concave mold with a variable cavity composed of a concave mold composite substrate, a concave mold component, and a concave mold composite card, and a convex mold with a variable core composed of a convex mold composite substrate, a convex mold component, a convex mold composite card, a cavity cutting component, and a side cutting composite plate. Coordinate changes in mold convex, concave, and auxiliary forming systems. Can process series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

3. The fundamental difference between them is that hardware stamping molds produce hardware products, while plastic molds produce plastic products, and the structure of the molds is also different. Plastic molds have a cooling system, while hardware molds do not. The molding principle of the product is also different. Plastic molds are formed by cooling after injection molding, while hardware molds are formed by cold pressing of standard thickness steel plates.

4. From the perspective of the functions of molds, hardware molds are mass production tools for metal products. The materials used are generally iron, copper, or aluminum, while plastic molds are used for plastic products, and the raw materials used are also plastic materials.

Let's first introduce the difference between hardware stamping molds and plastic processing molds. From the perspective of the mold itself, simple hardware molds, such as punching a hole or something, are easier to start with, but for some composite molds and high-precision products, the difficulty is greater, such as terminal types, flanging and folding multi-step types, stretching types, and automotive panels. And plastic molds, even if they are basic two plate molds, are not easy to get started because the knowledge involved requires a wider range of knowledge, mainly due to the difficulty in mastering engineering analysis. There are also many types of molds, such as injection molding, compression molding, blow molding, etc. However, after getting started, it is necessary to have a better understanding of some structural and manufacturing processing accuracy and process issues, such as various core pulling, threading, dual color, multi color, gas assisted, etc Bottles in bottles and other products have high precision requirements like hardware, such as clock gears.

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