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Industry knowledge
Forming and Processing Technology of Hardware Precision Stretch Stamping Parts
09-01 / 2023

The metal stamping industry is an industry that involves an extremely wide range of fields, such as the automotive industry, mechanical industry, electronic device industry, etc. It goes deep into all aspects of the manufacturing industry and is referred to as sheet metal forming in foreign countries. Today, the editor will talk about the forming and processing technology of precision metal stretching and stamping parts

Precision stretch stamping parts

Reverse stretching processing: The process of reverse stretching the stretched workpiece from the previous process, turning the inner side of the workpiece into the outer side and reducing its outer diameter.

Thinning and stretching processing: Use a punch to squeeze the formed container into a concave cavity slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container, reducing the outer diameter of the container with a bottom and thinning the wall thickness. This not only eliminates wall thickness deviation but also makes the surface of the container smooth.

Stretch processing: Using a pressure plate device and utilizing the punching pressure of the punch, a portion or all of the flat sheet metal is pulled into the cavity of the concave mold to form a container with a bottom. The processing of the side walls of containers parallel to the stretching direction is a simple stretching process, while the stretching process for conical (or angular) containers, hemispherical containers, and parabolic containers also includes expansion processing.

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