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What precision can the dimensions of Shenzhen hardware stamping parts achieve
02-23 / 2023

The Shenzhen hardware stamping industry is an industry that involves an extremely wide range of fields, penetrating into all aspects of Shenzhen's manufacturing industry. It uses punching machines and molds to deform or fracture materials such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc., to achieve a process with a certain shape and size.

Shenzhen hardware stamping process can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process. The purpose of the forming process is to cause plastic deformation of the sheet metal without breaking the billet, and to produce the required shape and size of the workpiece. The separation process, also known as punching, aims to separate the stamped part from the sheet metal along a certain contour line while ensuring the quality requirements of the separated section. In actual production, it is often a combination of multiple processes applied to a workpiece. Punching, bending, shearing, deep drawing, bulging, spinning, and straightening are several main stamping processes.

The surface and internal performance of Shenzhen metal stamping plates have a significant impact on the quality of stamping products, requiring accurate and uniform thickness of stamping materials; The surface is smooth and clean, without scratches, surface cracks, etc; Uniform yield strength without obvious directionality; High uniform elongation; Low work hardening.

The dimensional accuracy of Shenzhen hardware stamping parts is measured by tolerance registration. According to the national standard, they are divided into 20 levels, from IT01, IT0, IT1, IT2 to IT18. The larger the number, the lower the tolerance level (machining accuracy), the larger the allowable range of size variation (tolerance value), and the smaller the machining difficulty.

The dimensional accuracy of Shenzhen hardware stamping parts refers to the difference between the actual size and basic size of the stamping parts. The smaller the difference, the higher the dimensional accuracy of the hardware stamping parts. The main factors that cause dimensional errors in metal stamping parts are: the manufacturing accuracy of convex and concave molds; Clearance between convex and concave molds; Elastic recovery of materials after stamping; Accidental factors in the production process, such as inaccurate positioning and unstable material performance.

The dimensional accuracy of Shenzhen hardware stamping parts can generally be divided into two categories: ordinary level and precision level. The ordinary level is an accuracy that can be achieved through more economical means. Precision level is the precision that can be achieved in stamping technology.

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