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The working principle and application of metal contact shrapnel
08-21 / 2019

Metal contact shrapnel (also known as pot contact piece or metal dome, snap dome) is made of ultra-thin (0.05mm-0.1mm thickness) and ultra-thick (generally higher hardness) stainless steel 301 or 304 material. Metal contact shrapnel is an important component on switches. Metal contact shrapnel is mainly used in thin film switches, contact switches, PCB boards, FPC boards, medical devices and other products.

The working principle of metal contact spring: The metal spring on the thin film button is located in the conductive part of the PCB board (mostly above the gold finger on the circuit board). When pressed, the center point of the spring is concave and contacts the circuit on the PCB, forming a circuit. The current passes through, and the entire product can work normally.

General conventional metal shrapnel can be divided into circular metal shrapnel, cross shaped metal shrapnel, triangular metal shrapnel, and elliptical metal shrapnel according to their different shapes. The diameter ranges from 3mm to 20mm, and the force ranges from 100g to 600gf. Of course, if you have special requirements to make according to your drawings, there is no problem.

According to the customer's requirements for resistors, our metal contact springs also have various surface treatments such as nickel plating, silver plating, and gold plating.

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