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Industry knowledge
What are the application fields of metal stamping parts?
08-21 / 2019

Hardware stamping parts are understood literally; Hardware refers to parts processed from steel or some non-ferrous metals, while stamping parts refer to molds used for steel/non-ferrous metals and other plates at room temperature, which are formed into a specified shape by the required pressure provided by a press. What are the application fields of hardware stamping parts? Next, let's briefly talk about it.

Application field of hardware stamping parts:

1. Stamping in the automotive industry. Mainly focused on deep drawing. In this part of our country, it is mainly concentrated in large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories, and aircraft manufacturing factories, and independent large-scale stamping and deep drawing factories are still rare.

2. Stamping for automotive and other industry components. Mainly formed by punching and shearing. Many of the enterprises in this department are located in standard parts factories, as well as some independent stamping factories. Currently, there are many such small factories near some automobile or tractor factories.

3. Electrical parts stamping factory. This type of factory is a new industry that has developed with the development of electrical appliances, with factories mainly concentrated in the south.

4. Daily necessities stamping factory. Making some handicrafts, tableware, etc., these factories have also made significant development in recent years.

5. Home appliance component stamping factory. These factories only emerged after the development of household appliances in China, with most of them distributed within household appliance enterprises.

6. Special stamping enterprises. Enterprises such as stamping of aviation parts belong to this category, but these process factories are also included in some large factories.

The application fields of hardware stamping parts are basically the above. Licao Precision provides precision hardware stamping parts: hardware stamping shrapnel, hardware stamping stretching parts, hardware stamping terminals, precision molds, and other needs can be consulted by phone.

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