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These factors will affect precision metal stamping
01-13 / 2020

When a stamping factory processes precision metal stamping parts, sometimes there will be deviations in accuracy. What do these deviations have to do with? The factors that affect the precision of precision stamping parts and punching nets are: the influence of mold size, the instinctive elastic recovery of precision metal stamping parts during forming, the elastic deformation of the mold causes the stamping parts to heat up, etc., the punching net and die size Deviations will affect the workpiece in the stamping process. Due to the influence of mold alignment, the slider and the master mold are often installed in the module with guide pillars in the work of high-speed punching machines to maintain the alignment accuracy. It is difficult to maintain the accuracy without a strong guide pillar. Improper alignment of the mold causes the workpiece to be inward, centered, and bent. Affected by the accuracy of the punch itself, the structure of the high-speed punch machine's body, work surface, slide block and forging die will all produce changes in elastic deformation. The deviation of the elastic deformation of the high-speed punch and the die is the accuracy of the bottom dead center position of the punching equipment slider (called the dynamic accuracy when the punch is loaded), which determines the forging accuracy of the bottom thickness and flange thickness of the workpiece. The three factors that determine the accuracy of precision metal stamping parts are: mold size, mold alignment, and punch accuracy.
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