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Industry knowledge
How to improve the processing efficiency of metal stamping parts?
12-15 / 2023

For hardware stamping parts manufacturers, the efficiency of stamping parts processing is directly related to profits, and the most desired thing for stamping parts processing manufacturers is to enhance the production efficiency of stamping parts. So let's take a look at how Ligao Precision Hardware Stamping Mold Factory improves the efficiency of stamping parts processing.

Stamping parts are needed in many fields, such as overall stamping parts in the automotive industry, automotive component stamping parts, electrical component stamping parts, daily necessities stamping parts, household electrical component stamping parts, aviation special stamping parts, etc. Therefore, the quality of stamping parts is directly related to the quality of related application products. How to improve the production efficiency of stamping parts can be approached from the following aspects.

Archive and organize the mold process card and mold pressure parameters, create corresponding identification plates and install them on the mold or place them in the file next to the press machine. You can quickly check the parameters and adjust the mold height.

Strengthen self inspection, mutual inspection, and specialized inspection during the mold production process to prevent quality defects. Through quality skill training for operators, enhance production quality awareness and improve product quality.

Improve the efficiency of mold maintenance by conducting mold maintenance for each batch of production, improving the service life of the mold and improving production efficiency.

Timely repair the faults that occur in the mold, repair the broken blade of the blade by welding, and conduct machine tool research on the deformation of the mold production plate.

I believe that applying the above methods can greatly improve the production efficiency of stamping parts.

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