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What are hardware accessories?
08-07 / 2021

In Baidu Baike. Hardware accessories refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an assistive tool. For example, hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, building hardware, and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. But as supporting products, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process for industrial manufacturing. Only a small portion of daily hardware products (accessories) are essential tool consumer goods for people's daily lives.

There are the following classifications in production and daily life:

Furniture hardware accessories

Wooden screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hanging parts, nails, head punching machines, tooth rubbing machines, multi-station machines, hardware feet, hardware racks, hardware handles, turntables, zippers, pneumatic rods, springs, furniture machinery, etc.

Cabinet hardware accessories

Hinges, drawers, guide rails, steel drawers, pull baskets, hangers, sinks, pull baskets, spotlights, baseboards, knife and fork trays, hanging cabinet accessories, multifunctional columns, cabinet body assemblies, etc.

Mold hardware accessories

Punching needle, punch, guide pillar, guide sleeve, thimble, driver's cylinder, steel ball sleeve, ball sleeve, retainer, outer guide pillar, independent guide pillar, self lubricating slide plate, self lubricating guide sleeve, non oil feeding guide sleeve, non oil feeding slide plate, outer guide pillar components, etc.

Marine hardware accessories

Shackles, flower orchids, clamps, swivel rings, lifting rings, pulleys, cable bolts, pipe seats, fairleads, mooring posts, etc.

Clothing hardware accessories

Buttons, thread buckles, hook buckles, claw nails, rope buckles, needle buckles, military buckles, zipper heads, five claw buttons, fashion buttons, tie loops, Japanese shaped buckles, drip buckles, stone buckles, pull locks, belt buckles, hollow nails, alloy buckles, alloy pull tags, signs, etc.

Luggage hardware accessories

Rivets, aluminum bars, chains, steel rings, buttons, square rings, four in one buckles, mushroom nails, hollow nails, steel wire rings, backpack racks, triangular rings, five corner rings, three section rivets, luggage handles, dog buckles, pull tags, signs, etc.

Belt hardware accessories

Belt buckle, belt needle buckle, alloy belt buckle, belt buckle, belt buckle, etc.

Door and window hardware accessories

Handle, handle, hinge, bolt, handle, hinge, wind brace, pulley, door flower, clamp, lock box, bead, crescent lock, multi-point lock, driver, puller, door closer, glass glue, Samsung lock, etc.

Photo frame hardware accessories

Hooks, shrapnel, blades, drawing brackets, support legs, brackets, laminations, loose leaves, corner wrapping, straight nails, corner flowers, corner machines, code nails, corner nails, flannel, etc.

Hardware stamping accessories

Flat pads, discs, springs, shrapnel, covers, casings, signs, nameplates, marking, wire, forks, terminals, stamping parts, traction arms, T-plates, etc.

Curtain wall hardware accessories

Hanging clamp, rigging, AB glue, connecting claw, curtain wall claw, glass claw, connecting joint, glass clamp, glass glue, marble glue, foam strip, rebar planting glue, adapter, dry hanging piece, handrail, chemical bolt, glass curtain wall, non-standard products, etc.

Hardware accessories

Small accessories, mobile phone accessories, cartoon characters, wearing accessories, twelve zodiac signs, twelve zodiac signs, pendants, letter grains, letters, KT cats, Disney, mascots, other accessories, etc.

Decorative hardware accessories

Sealing strip, cabinet legs, door nose, air

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