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Industry knowledge
Effective process methods for improving the utilization rate of metal materials in stamping parts
01-19 / 2024

With the continuous development of China's industry, the proportion of industrial economy in China's economic structure is also increasing, and its role in promoting the development of China's national economy is becoming increasingly significant. In industry, automobile production and manufacturing are an important component. With the rapid development of the social economy and the improvement of people's economic living standards, the phenomenon of people buying cars for transportation is becoming more and more common. Against the backdrop of social supply and demand, in recent years, China's automobile consumption has shown a trend of explosive growth. While cars provide great convenience for people's daily life and work, It is also increasingly loved by people. Driven by social demand, China's automobile production and manufacturing have also made significant progress, not only in terms of automobile productivity and production efficiency, but also in terms of research and investment in key production technologies such as automobile engines. As a result, China's automobile production technology has also made a qualitative leap, which has greatly improved the production quality and development of automobile production, It plays an important role in promoting the process of urbanization and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of China's social and economic development. However, with the continuous development of automobiles, the existing problems are also constantly emerging, especially the high consumption of metal materials in the production process and the low utilization rate of metal materials. Especially in the manufacturing of automotive stamping equipment, the consumption of metal is huge, which affects the reduction of automotive production costs and hinders the overall improvement of automotive production efficiency, Therefore, increasing research on the process methods for utilizing metal materials in automotive stamping parts has positive significance.

1. Optimize product design

To improve the utilization rate of metal materials in automotive stamping parts, the first step is to optimize the design of the product structure, fully reflecting its processability while improving its design economy. When designing products, full consideration should be given to the actual situation of the parts required for automotive stamping parts and their structural composition, and the design of each component should be optimized from an overall perspective, so as to greatly save metal materials. For some product parts with low utilization of metal materials, relevant designers need to research and improve them, design parts with high utilization of metal materials, and then combine the optimized parts to obtain automotive stamping parts with high utilization of metal materials. In addition, staff also need to strengthen the process review of products, and at the same time, the economic benefits of the products, so as to reduce the production cost of automotive stamping parts without reducing product quality, and improve the overall economic benefits of automotive production and manufacturing.

2. Choose a reasonable process method

To improve the utilization rate of metal materials in automotive stamping parts, it is necessary to choose a reasonable process method. When producing automotive stamping parts, it is necessary to first select materials reasonably, and then select processing methods reasonably based on the actual situation of the materials used and their product quality requirements. Under the premise of product quality, the utilization efficiency of metal materials should be improved. Specifically, it mainly includes the following aspects: firstly, priority should be given to selecting less and no waste punching. After clarifying the product design plan, in terms of material selection, it is necessary to choose as few and no waste as possible

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