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Quality control of stamping parts forming
11-27 / 2021

The quality control of stamping forming is achieved through real-time adjustment of statistical control methods for prediction and monitoring processes, thereby improving production efficiency and efficiency.

1. Permutation diagram method

The purpose of drawing a permutation chart is to visually represent it in a graphical way, so that manufacturers can clearly identify where to improve product quality. Among the factors that cause quality problems in stamping parts, quality phenomena and causes are usually classified to identify frequently occurring quality problems and influencing factors.

2. Control chart method

Control charts are implemented through the application of statistical technology to achieve process control, mainly by timely tracing control charts according to the rules of each process in the dynamic production process, and taking measures to reduce costs.

3. Increase detection technology

To accumulate errors in the mold manufacturing process, it is necessary to carry out assembly and debugging.

The color coating method can be used for trial punching to reflect the contact and flow status of the sheet during stretching based on the color loss, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of wrinkling or cracking during the stretching process of the stamped parts. Firstly, before testing, master the skills and methods of using measuring tools such as vernier calipers, rulers, feeler gauges, and clearance gauges. Inspectors should grasp the measurement scale and range, and the inspection of stamping parts is an important means to avoid batch problems of stamping parts. Secondly, there is matching size detection. This detection method follows the operating instructions of the inspection tool, and the measurement content is analyzed based on the specific part situation. Correct adjustment of the mold will achieve good results. The latter is to improve the quality of inspection personnel. At present, the cultural level of stamping workers is relatively low, and it is inevitable that they are eager to achieve success during the processing process. Therefore, small batch production can only be carried out after the first piece inspection of stamping parts is qualified, and large batch production can only be carried out after all inspections are qualified. In batch production, it is necessary to avoid forming changes.

In short, to control the quality of stamping parts, it is necessary to systematically identify the various factors that affect their quality, and design a quality level and level that can achieve good economic benefits.

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