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What issues should be paid attention to in precision mold polishing
09-19 / 2019

Precision mold polishing has a certain level, but many precision molds do not know what needs to be paid attention to. So today, we will introduce some things to pay attention to in this regard.

Firstly, for the polishing of the saving mold, it is necessary to first focus on the bottom corners, bone pits, and some dead corners of the workpiece, and then focus on the outstanding orientation and the large plane of the mold.

There are also some mold parts that are three to four pieces added together, with a single mold mouth only removing coarse or spark marks. After that, when we talk about all mold parts clamping, we can achieve a smooth effect, so that the clamping position of the plastic parts will be slightly smoother when they are all pressed out

For large flat or high convex mold components, it is necessary to remove coarse lines and then check the mold with a flat steel plate to see if there are any unevenness or defects in the reverse end. If there are unevenness in the finished product, it may cause the mold to stick or drag.

The workpiece of the mold is a flat surface or there may be a sealing position in a certain area. We can use paper adhesive to stick it to the area where we don't want to save the mold. This posture can ensure that the saving mold polishing personnel will not save these unnecessary places.

Only by paying attention to these details during the polishing operation of these precision molds can our work and technology continuously improve, and we can polish the molds better.

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