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  • Automotive connector terminal
Product Introduction
Male and female ends of automobile connectors. This utility model proposes a male and female pin structure of a connector, which includes a male pin and a female pin. The female pin is a hollow tube structure and includes a plug-in section and a fixed section. The plug-in section is provided Two opposing and separate elastic pieces, each elastic piece is set upside down in the insertion direction of the female pin inserted into the insertion hole. When the female pin is inserted into the insertion hole, the end of the elastic piece elastically abuts against the inner wall of the insertion hole. The front end is also provided with a female needle entrance section, and the male and female end elastic pieces of the automobile connector extend along the female needle entrance section to the rear end of the female needle and are elastically swingable relative to the plug section. The plug section is located between the two elastic pieces. The plug-in connection piece connected to the inlet section and the fixed section, the elastic piece is provided with a bending protrusion facing the socket, and an opening for the bending protrusion to be received in the socket is formed between the two plug-in connection pieces The utility model can make the female pin stably fixed in the corresponding insertion hole of the electrical connector, and realize a stable and reliable electrical connection with the male pin.
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