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  • Automotive connector male and female terminals
The company’s development of automotive connector male and female terminals technical features: 1 development of multi-cavity terminals: such as DDR240P terminals, ordinary companies only develop 8 2X4, while the current 2X8 developed by our company is 16 and adopts the plug-in test type. Mold structure. Reducing the material width from 26.5mm to 21.0mm can save material by 17.5%, and the speed is increased from 500 to 650, which can fully save material and time cost for customers. 2Develop small-step terminals: Generally, the terminal step developed by the company is 1.0 or more, but the MINI-PCI step we developed is 0.60mm. This can save a lot of materials and greatly reduce the end product of the final product. This can make the product volume smaller and smaller and higher precision. 3 Development of multi-directional feeding terminals: Generally, the terminals developed by the company can only feed from left to right in one direction, but the HeaderPin terminal developed by our company is carried out from left to right and front to back at the same time, and the terminal after punching is convenient for gold plating , It used to be fully gold-plated, but now it can be changed to gold-plated contact ends, which can save more than 50% of the cost of gold-plating, and facilitate subsequent assembly, which can increase assembly efficiency by about 20%. 4High-speed stamping: At present, our company's stamping speed can reach more than 1000 times per minute, that is, a 16-cavity mold can produce 12.5KK terminals a day. 5 The tolerance of the terminal is small: the tolerance of the general terminal is within +/-0.10MM, and some require tight tolerance control of +/-0.04, but our company can achieve +/-0.02MM. This tolerance The mold requirements are very high. 6 Fish-eye shape rounding: This kind of process is very complicated, and ordinary companies cannot complete the fish-eye shape rounding. We use computer-aided equipment to edit the curve and use mirror electric discharge processing, and the surface requires polishing Ra0.40, and the product surface is round. The arc is very uniform. It will not scratch the PCB board. It is very beneficial to the use of the product. 7 Terminal twist 90 degrees: the terminal is twisted 90 degrees in the mold. This structure is very complicated and has a high degree of difficulty. We use the slider mechanism to form the terminal 90 degrees along the direction of the slider. This forming method is of quality relatively stable. More than 8 times of complex bending and forming: This kind of process is very difficult in the connector industry. We use double strips to send to the mold and use the mechanism to connect one terminal to another. 9 Punching thin materials: The thickness of the materials processed by the general company is 0.15mm to 0.50mm, but our company can process materials with a minimum thickness of 0.08mm. The processing accuracy of the processing of this thin material mold is one level higher than usual .10 Punching thicker and harder materials: Generally, thicker and harder materials will easily wear the punch and knife edge, so we use better mold steel, which can process materials with a material thickness of 0.8 or more. 11 Good section Smoothness: For connectors, the better the smoothness of the contact surface, the smaller the impedance, the smaller the surface wear, the more durable the product, and the more stable the signal transmission. The surface bright band of the terminals we produce reaches more than 95%. 12 The width of the punch is less than the thickness of the material: When the width of the punch is less than the thickness of a material, the punch is very easy to break. In this case, we have a wealth of solutions. 13 Terminal flash control is small: the general terminal flash control is within 0.04MM, but the terminals produced by our company can be controlled within 0.02, so that it will not be scratched between the plastic and the terminal during assembly and the gold-plated surface will not be scratched. , Conducive to the stability of conductivity.
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