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  • Automotive connector plug-in terminal
Product Introduction
1. Terminal definition 1 A terminal is a product processed by a copper alloy through a high-speed continuous stamping die or a single engineering die. The terminal is the core part of the connector to complete the electrical connection function. 2 Generally, a contact pair is composed of a male contact piece and a female contact piece. The electrical connection is completed by the insertion of the female and male contact pieces. The male contact piece is a rigid part. 3 The positive contacts are generally made of brass and phosphor bronze. The female contact is the key part of the contact pair. It relies on the elastic structure to be elastically deformed when it is inserted into the pin to generate elastic force and form close contact with the male contact to complete the connection. 2. The shape of the terminal is cylindrical, square, arc, cantilever, bifurcated, branched, male and female, shovel, and guideline 3. The materials of the terminal are commonly used phosphor bronze, red copper, bronze, brass, and beryllium copper , Stainless steel and other metals
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