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  • Precision drawing stamping parts
For the process performance of precision drawing stamping parts, we will refer to it as the processability of drawing parts for short. For it, in terms of specific aspects and content, it is mainly for a good solution. Cathodic protection of impressed current. The electrolysis device is used to connect the metal to be protected with the negative electrode of the power supply, and an inert electrode is used as the anode. As long as the external voltage is strong enough, the metal to be protected will not be corroded. Cathodic protection of sacrificial anodes. Using the galvanic battery device, the metal to be protected and another metal that is more susceptible to electrons form a new galvanic battery. When a galvanic reaction occurs in the metal drawing part, the original metal is used as the positive electrode (that is, the cathode), which is protected, and the active metal-the negative electrode (that is, the anode) is corroded. Due to cold plastic deformation of the workpiece, cold work hardening occurs, which reduces its plasticity, increases deformation resistance and hardness, and the mold design is unreasonable, so intermediate annealing is required to soften the metal and restore plasticity. Annealing generally adopts low temperature annealing. There are two things to pay attention to when annealing precision drawing stamping parts: decarburization and oxidation. After the workpiece is oxidized, there will be oxide scale, which will make the effective thickness of the workpiece thinner and increase the wear of the mold. When the company's conditions are not available, ordinary annealing is generally used. In order to reduce the production of oxide scale, the furnace should be filled as much as possible during annealing. When there is no other way to deal with metals with strong cold work hardening or tensile cracks in the test mold, an intermediate annealing process is added. The shape of the drawn part should be as simple and symmetrical as possible, and it should be deep-drawn as much as possible; for parts that need to be drawn multiple times, under the premise of ensuring the necessary surface quality, the internal and external surfaces should be allowed to have traces that may be generated during the deep drawing process. Under the premise of ensuring the assembly requirements, a certain slope of the side wall of the drawn part should be allowed; the dimension of the drawn part should indicate the guaranteed external dimension or the internal dimension, and the internal external dimension cannot be marked at the same time. For deep drawing parts with steps, the dimension in the height direction should generally be based on the bottom. If the upper part is the reference, the height dimension is not easy to guarantee; the essence of the safe production of precision drawing stamping parts: 1. Protect drawing parts laborers The life safety and occupational health of the company are the most fundamental and profound connotations of the safe production of drawing parts and the core of the essence of safe production of drawing parts. 2. The safety production of the maximum protection of stretch parts is highlighted. 3. Highlight the protection in the process of producing stretched parts. 4. The production protection of stretched parts under certain historical conditions is highlighted. Our company adheres to the definition and essence of the safe production of precision drawing stamping parts, and guarantees the safe production of drawing parts, hoping for the supervision of staff and society.
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