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  • Contact mother shrapnel

Technical realization elements of contacting female shrapnel: In order to solve the above technical problems, the purpose of this utility model is to provide a ground terminal and a metal shell short-circuit contacting female shrapnel connector to improve the product yield rate. In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution proposed by the present invention is: a ground terminal and a metal shell short-circuit contact female shrapnel connector, including a metal shell, a front plastic main body, a PCB board and arranged inside the metal shell sequentially from top to bottom The upper EMI shrapnel, the upper plastic main body, the upper row of terminals, the hook shrapnel, the lower row of terminals, the lower plastic main body, the lower EMI shrapnel, the upper row of terminals and the lower row of terminals are provided with ground terminals on both sides, the upper row of The front ends of the terminals and the lower row of terminals are connected to the front plastic body, and the tail ends are welded to the PCB board. The upper and lower plastic bodies are respectively provided with upper and lower slots at positions corresponding to the terminals. The EMI shrapnel and the lower EMI shrapnel are respectively provided with an upper flange and a lower flange at the positions corresponding to the ground terminals; the upper flange protrudes downward through the upper slot and directly contacts the ground terminals of the upper row of terminals; The lower flange protrudes upward through the lower slot to directly contact the ground terminal of the lower row of terminals; the upper EMI elastic piece and the lower EMI elastic piece directly contact the metal shell. Wherein, upper bayonet openings are provided on both sides of the upper EMI elastic sheet, upper clamping blocks are provided on both sides of the upper plastic main body, and the upper bayonet is inserted into the upper clamping block so that the upper EMI elastic sheet is installed on the upper plastic main body; The lower EMI shrapnel is provided with lower bayonet on both sides of the lower plastic main body, and lower clamping blocks are provided on both sides of the lower plastic main body.

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