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  • Precision drawing stamping parts
The essence of safe production of precision drawing stamping parts processing: 1. Protecting the life safety and occupational health of drawing parts laborers is the most fundamental and profound connotation of drawing parts safety production, and is the core of the essence of drawing parts safe production. 2. The safety production of the maximum protection of stretch parts is highlighted. 3. Highlight the protection in the process of producing stretched parts. 4. The production protection of stretched parts under certain historical conditions is highlighted. Our company adheres to the definition and essence of the safe production of precision drawing stamping parts, and guarantees the safe production of drawing parts, hoping for the supervision of staff and society. The shape of precision drawing stampings should be simple and symmetrical, the mouth should be allowed to rebound slightly, and the side wall should be allowed to have a technological slope. The wall thickness of the wall part of the cylinder generally has the phenomenon of being thick at the top and thin at the bottom. Hardware tensile parts processing manufacturers propose to pay attention to the dimensions on the design drawings of the tensile parts. Due to the different stresses on the tensile parts, the thickness of the material after stretching changes. Generally speaking, the center of the bottom maintains the original thickness, the material at the bottom rounded corners becomes thinner, the material at the top near the flange becomes thicker, and the material at the rounded corners around the rectangular stretched piece becomes thicker. The standard method of drawing product size: When designing a drawing product, the size on the product drawing should clearly indicate that the external or internal dimensions must be guaranteed, and the internal and external dimensions cannot be marked at the same time. Marking method of drawing part dimensional tolerance: the inner radius of the concave-convex arc of the drawing part and the height dimensional tolerance of the once-formed cylindrical drawing part are the double-sided symmetrical deviation, and the deviation value is the national standard (GB) 16 accuracy standard Half of the difference, and prefixed with ±.
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