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  • Metal stamping terminal fixing ring
The burrs of metal stamping terminals are controlled within 0.04MM, and the terminals produced by our company can be controlled within 0.02. We use a smaller gap and use the second chamfering method to remove burrs to achieve no burrs or burrs. Within 0.02. This will not scratch the gold-plated surface when the plastic is in contact with the terminal during assembly, which is conducive to the stability of conductivity. High surface finish Ra0.8: The surface finish of the stamped terminal is good or bad. Affect the stability of the signal transmission of the connector. The surface finish Ra of the imported copper material we purchase is below 0.8. During production, the mold surface is kept flat. The floating material is put into the block for polishing, and all the materials that are in contact with the material are kept on the surface It is smooth, and there must be no scratches on the material. Ligao metal stamping terminals have passed the TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14000 management system certification. A professional ODM/OEM manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of precision stamping dies and precision metal stamping terminals. Applications 1 Information products 2 Cars, motorcycles 3 Aviation and navigation 4 Electricity nuclear energy 5 Telephone, mobile phone 6 PC computer 7 Medical supplies
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