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  • Metal stamping terminal, round fixing ring
Ligao specializes in providing: precision metal stamping terminals, automotive connector pins, precision terminals, automotive cable terminal strips, connector terminals, metal terminals and other metal stamping products. As a precision metal stamping manufacturer, Heju has always implemented the work commitment of [fast, accurate, stable], and has been dedicated to the delivery of mold manufacturing technology in the fields of 4C industry terminals, connectors, iron shells, and precision sheet metal parts. With the provision of precision, beauty, low-cost, high-quality stamping parts and precision parts, we continue to cultivate technology and strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Precision metal stamping terminals are widely used in life. In many devices, wiring terminals are required to connect. After the connection, it can play a role in transmission. Especially in the electrical field, wiring terminals are particularly important, which can realize long-distance connections. For example, Internet, TV, telephone, and long-distance power transmission are all connected by wiring terminals, which is more convenient and easy to repair and replace. Different wiring connections have different wiring terminals. For example, the terminal block used in personal computers is more convenient to use and easier to operate. If it is broken, just unplug it and replace it. There is no need to repair, because the terminal does not need to be repaired, and the price is cheap. If it is repaired, it can be said to be very complicated, and it may not be repairable. ISO certification: Lego has passed quality management system certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and TS16949. All processes are strictly implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management system. Applications 1 Information products 2 Cars, motorcycles 3 Aviation and navigation 4 Electricity nuclear energy 5 Telephone, mobile phone 6 PC computer 7 Medical supplies
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