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  • Manganese Steel Motor Chip
As a professional mold manufacturer, the company has been a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production and sales through continuous innovation, progress and development over the years, and now has the ability to produce 2 million kilowatts of motor chips per year. The company’s main products are large and medium-sized high and low voltage motor core punching pieces, which are mainly matched with Y, YR, YKK, YKS, JR, JS, TDMK and other series of large and medium high and low voltage motors and air-cooled turbo generators, and have 30KW -800 kW, 1.5M watt, 2M watt wind turbine core production capacity. Circular punching sheet can produce series of specifications such as 650mm, 740mm, 850mm, 950mm, 1060mm, 1180mm in diameter, and various types of fan-shaped punching sheet. Compression machinery motor chip, precision motor cover automatic deep drawing mold intelligent production line, focusing on the design, development and production of deep drawing products. The drawing iron is 1:6 and the aluminum is 1:12. The ultimate drawing process is to shrink the neck and cut the edges. The greatest advantage can be achieved in one-stop process. 1. Improve material utilization, 2. Improve production efficiency, 3. Improve the yield of finished products, 4. Save personnel operations. The pictures currently provided are for customers' reference only, and those in need are manufactured according to the style and size of the drawings. Can make molds or produce products according to customer drawings. Our products are favored by customers for their beautiful appearance, good finish, high precision size, long service life, etc., with high quality and low price, we can provide proofing for free, and design according to manufacturer's requirements! The product development cycle is short. The price is negotiable. Contact: Mr. Li Mobile: 18681482740 Tel: 0755-2739 4793 Fax: 0755-2739 5743 Email: Address: First Floor, Building 2, Quanshengchang Industrial Park, Buyong Shajing Road, Shajing Street, Shenzhen
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