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  • Power contact female shrapnel

Introduction to the mother shrapnel for power contact: The common precision shrapnel is an important metal accessory for electronic components, which usually plays the role of conduction, switching, clamping, and resonance.

Shape: mostly S type, C type, round, Z type, spoon type, etc.

Applications: mobile phone cards, mobile phone antennas, earphone audio jacks, connectors, micro motors, sensors, automotive instrument touch switches, medical equipment, PCB shields, etc.

Common materials: beryllium copper (heat treatment required), titanium copper, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, spring steel, etc.

Surface treatment requirements: gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, and ultrasonic cleaning of oil stains.

Performance index of power contact mother shrapnel:

Shrapnel life: 10,000 times-100,000 times

The number of times of resistance to plugging force: more than 10,000 times

Orthogonality: 0.05mmMax

Verticality: 0.05mmMax

Straightness: 10mm standard, 0.05mmMax

Key points of power contact mother shrapnel control:

(1) Shrapnel: Shrapnel life test (2) Raw material: hardness test, elongation test, tensile strength test, yield strength test (3) After electroplating: smoke test, film thickness test, high temperature aging test

Packaging requirements: tape and roll packaging, bulk pin packaging, blister box packaging, carrier tape packaging

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