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  • Precision drawing stamping parts
Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould was established in 2015. It is a manufacturing enterprise that produces precision metal stamping products and precision molds. It provides customers with a full range of product mold design, part mold design and product production services. Precision drawing stamping is a kind of machining process that punches the flat blank of a certain shape obtained after punching into various open hollow parts or reduces the diameter of the open hollow blank and increases the height. The deep-drawing process can be used to manufacture cylindrical, stepped, tapered, spherical, box-shaped and other irregularly shaped thin-walled parts. Cooperating with other stamping and forming processes such as flanging, bulging, flaring, and necking, it can also produce extremely complex parts. Therefore, the deep drawing process occupies a very important position in the production process of industrial sectors such as automobiles, airplanes, tractors, electrical appliances, instruments, and electronics. The essence of safe production of precision drawing stamping parts processing: 1. Protecting the life safety and occupational health of drawing parts laborers is the most fundamental and profound connotation of drawing parts safety production, and is the core of the essence of drawing parts safe production. 2. The safety production of the maximum protection of stretch parts is highlighted. 3. Highlight the protection in the process of producing stretched parts. 4. The production protection of stretched parts under certain historical conditions is highlighted. Our company adheres to the definition and essence of the safe production of precision drawing stamping parts, and guarantees the safe production of drawing parts, hoping for the supervision of staff and society.
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