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  • Precision metal stamping parts
Product Introduction

Precision metal stamping parts process The metal processing process is to cut materials according to production needs. After opening, some small parts can be produced by punching and then gong cutting or CNC processing. This is a lot in the production of glasses parts and auto parts. And to make a container: it means to burn and weld after the cutting punch, then sand and spray oil, and then assemble the accessories before shipping. And for small hardware accessories, a lot of polished surfaces are processed, electroplated or sprayed. Then welding or screwing, assembling, packaging and shipping precision metal stamping parts. Step 1. Before entering the work position, all employees should check whether their clothing meets the work requirements. Slippers, high heels and clothing that affect safety are not allowed, and those with long hair must wear a helmet. Maintain the correct posture at work and have sufficient energy to cope with the work. If you find that you are unwell, you must leave the job immediately and report to the leader. The operation must be concentrated, chatting is strictly prohibited, mutual cooperation, the operator should not operate in a state of irritability, fatigue, to avoid accidents and ensure safe operation. 2. Before machine work, check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine idling for 1-3 minutes. Operation is strictly prohibited when the machine is faulty. 3. Turn off the power first when changing the mold, and then start to install and debug the mold after the press movement department stops running. After installation and adjustment, move the flywheel by hand to test punch twice to check whether the upper and lower molds are symmetrical and reasonable, whether the screws are firm, and whether the blank holder is in a reasonable position. 4. You must wait for all other personnel to leave the working area of the machine and remove the sundries on the workbench before starting the power supply to start the machine. 5. After the machine is started, one person transports materials and operates the machine. Others are not allowed to press the electric building or the foot switch board, let alone put their hands in the working area of the machine or touch the moving parts of the machine with their hands. When the machine is working, it is forbidden to reach into the working area of the slider, and it is strictly forbidden to pick and place the workpiece by hand. Standard tools must be used when picking and placing the workpiece in the die. If abnormal sound or malfunction of the machine is found, turn off the power switch for inspection immediately. 6. When leaving get off work, turn off the idle power and arrange the finished products, side materials and sundries on the post to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mould Factory OEM/ODM order processing with drawings and samples. According to customer requirements, we can produce precision metal stamping parts of various materials and specifications. Our products are favored by customers for their beautiful appearance, good finish, high precision size and long service life. They are of high quality and low price. We can provide free samples and design according to the requirements of manufacturers! The product development cycle is short. The price is negotiable. Contact: Mr. Li Mobile: 18681482740 Tel: 0755-2739 4793 Fax: 0755-2739 5743 Email: Address: First Floor, Building 2, Quanshengchang Industrial Park, Buyong Shajing Road, Shajing Street, Shenzhen
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