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What are the processes and characteristics of precision mold processing
11-28 / 2019

Precision mold processing refers to the processing of forming and punching tools other than shearing and die-cutting molds. Usually, a mold has two parts, the upper mold and the lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, and the material is formed under the action of a press. When the press is turned on, obtain the workpiece determined by the mold shape or remove the corresponding waste material. From electronic connectors to car dashboards, they can be molded using molds. Progressive molds refer to a set of molds that can automatically move workpieces from one station to another and obtain molded parts in the last station. Mold processing includes: cutting and punching molds, composite molds, extrusion molds, four slide rail molds, progressive molds, stamping molds, and die-cutting molds.

Precision mold processing process:

Unloading: pre formed material, post formed material, inserted into the material row material, inclined top material;

Opening frame: front mold frame and rear mold frame;

Rough opening: the front mold cavity is thickened, the mold cavity is thickened, and the parting line is thick;

Copper worker: front mold copper male head rear mold copper male head parting line blue glue copper worker;

Wire cutting: Insert the parting line into the position of the copper male head tilting top pillow;

Computer gong: precision gong mold line precision gong mold core;

Electric spark: Front mold thick copper male mold line clear angle, back mold bone position pillow position;

Drilling needle hole thimble;

Row position electrode;

Sloping top

Multiple thimbles

Other: 1. Jizui code mold pit garbage nail (limit nail); 2 flight mode; 3 nozzle heads spring water;

Bone position before and after mode polishing;

Fine water structure pull rod screw hook spring

Quenching and surface nitriding of important parts during heat treatment;

Modify the engraving.

Precision mold processing characteristics: 1. Precision mold processing accuracy requirements. A pair of molds usually consists of a mold punch and a template, and some molds can also be multi piece split modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, inserts, and cavities, as well as the combination of flattening between modules, requires high machining accuracy. Precision molds typically have up to μ The dimensional accuracy of m.

Some products with complex shapes, such as car covers, airplane parts, toys, and household appliances, have a surface shape composed of various curved surfaces, making the surface of the mold cavity very complex. Some surfaces must be treated mathematically.

3. Small batch molds are not produced in large quantities, and in many cases, they are usually only produced in one batch.

Hinges and tapping are always used in the processing of forming, boring, and drilling molds.

The use of repetitive production molds is long-standing. When the use of the mold exceeds its lifespan, a new mold is replaced, so the production of the mold is usually repeated.

Sometimes there are no drawings or data in the production of contour molds, and contour machining must be carried out based on actual objects.

7. Excellent mold materials and high hardness molds are mainly made of high-quality alloy steel, especially for long-life molds, usually made of Crl2, CrWMn, and other Leysite steels. This type of steel has a billet

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