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The Development Trend of Precision Stamping Dies
11-28 / 2019

The trend of fine stamping molds in the industries of new energy skills, proactive equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, and energy conservation and consumption reduction is rapid. In the 2019 Guangzhou World Mold Exhibition, advanced precision multi-station progressive molds held a mainstream product position among enterprises. Not only did they exhibit a large number of products and a wide range of types, but the quality and skill content of precision molds were also much higher than previous mold exhibitions.

The Secretary General of the International Mold Association, Luo Baihui, stated that in recent years, the overall skill strength of excellent precision stamping molds has increased rapidly, with significant improvements in performance indicators such as mold production level, manufacturing precision, service life, and production cycle. The overall level of some advanced and high-quality fine molds has reached or approached the level of similar fine molds in the world. The progressive die for air conditioner fins produced by Gree Dajin Mold Co., Ltd. has a lifespan of up to 500 million strokes, and is in a leading position in China in terms of production scale and skill development. The high-precision micro connector progressive die with a distance of 0.4mm developed has a manufacturing precision of 0.5, and the smallest convex die with a diameter of 0.13mm is directly ground to the mirror surface, ensuring high-precision requirements such as 0.17mm at the thinnest point of the pin, 0.01mm for bending precision, and S-shaped bending. The active lamination progressive die for the motor iron core produced by a certain motor mold company in Shenzhen has a lifespan of over 150 million strokes, and its technical strength and lamination skills are close to the excellent level of similar fine molds abroad. The professional production level and capability of the large-scale iron chip progressive die with a diameter of 0.5m produced on a 400 ton high-speed punch, the large-scale high-precision block composite die with a 90 degree rotation of 0.88m square iron chips, and the oversized high-precision punch die with a diameter of 1.2m for stator and rotor blades are at the forefront of China.

Specialization has greatly improved the innovation ability of stamping mold enterprises, and their skill strength has been developed towards specialization, precision, excellence, and strength, resulting in the emergence of many new skills in fine mold processing with high skill strength. It is reported that the high precision progressive die for the air conditioning fins that urgently needs to be exhibited this time can meet the rapid switching production of 5 types of sheet shapes, with certain flexible production characteristics. The level of precision mold is appropriate to the world's excellent level. The 37 station progressive die of the developed lead frame, with three rows of the first mock examination, punches 48 inner and outer lead legs within 1212mm, the minimum distance is 0.12mm, and the flatness of the product is within 0.01mm. Its high-speed batch production performance and lifespan are appropriate to the world's excellent standards, and it has obtained structural innovation patents.

Many domestic fine stamping molds have a smaller gap in lifespan and main performance compared to the world's excellent standards. The overall level of some fine stamping molds is appropriate to the world's excellent level, not only completely replacing imports, but also exporting a suitable portion of fine molds to industrialized countries and regions such as the United States and Japan. The overall level of high-precision stamping dies in China is close to the world's excellent level, and a suitable portion of high-precision stamping dies are going abroad and participating in global competition.

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