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Industry knowledge
What is metal hardware stamping? Is hardware stamping dangerous?
09-22 / 2023

What is metal hardware stamping? Metal metal stamping is the use of stamping and molds to deform or break materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc., to a certain shape and size. Is hardware stamping dangerous?

Metal stamping processing has certain risks, but as long as standard operations and compliance with stamping processing systems are met, the safety factor will be higher. Science and Technology Innovation shares the following points for everyone:

1. During the metal hardware stamping process, for safety reasons, please pay attention to the adjustment screw of the slider and do not extend it for too long. In the processing of metal stamping parts, in order to prevent mold movement, a layer of paper can be placed on the reinforcement, and the rotation of the mold is a dangerous situation. For the safety of metal hardware stamping parts processing, disassemble the mold and wait for the machine to completely stop.

2. If it is necessary to adjust and install the mold during the processing of metal hardware stamping parts, the power must be turned off first. Although it can be done without turning off the power, the risk index will greatly increase. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is important to complete the power supply. Operate after the machine has completely stopped.

3. When processing metal metal stamping parts, the presence of fastening screws can ensure the safety of metal stamping parts processing. In order to prevent this protection from becoming a hidden danger, it is necessary to always tighten the fastening screws to ensure that they provide safety functions.

Is metal hardware stamping dangerous? It is also recommended to use tools for picking and feeding during stamping operations, install photoelectric protectors, operate the punching machine with both hands, and change the automatic feeding to prevent accidents.

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