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Industry knowledge
How to solve the problem of turning over and twisting in precision metal stamping
09-28 / 2023

With the refinement of industrial electronics, various industries have increasingly high requirements for stamping parts, including the appearance of precision hardware stamping parts. In the process of stamping the shape of stamping parts, it is easy to produce flipping and twisting phenomena, which affects product quality. Why does precision metal stamping cause flipping and twisting? How to solve it?

Precision hardware stamping is used in progressive dies to form the shape of the stamping part by cutting the remaining material around the stamping part. The main reason for flipping and twisting of stamping parts is the influence of punching force. During punching, due to the existence of punching gaps, the material is stretched on one side of the concave mold (material warps upwards) and compressed on the side next to the convex mold. When using a discharge plate, use the discharge plate to compress the material to prevent the material on the concave mold side from warping upwards. At this time, the stress state of the material will change accordingly. As the unloading plate increases its pressing force, the material on the convex die side is stretched (the compression force tends to decrease), while the material on the concave die surface is compressed (the stretching force tends to decrease). The flipping of stamping parts is caused by the stretching of the material on the concave die surface. So when punching, pressing and compressing the material is the key to preventing flipping and twisting of the punched part.

Reasons and solutions for flipping and twisting during precision metal stamping:

1. Caused by burrs on the punched parts during punching. It is necessary to study the punching cutting edge and pay attention to checking whether the punching gap is reasonable.

2. During the punching process, the flipping and twisting deformation of the punched parts have occurred, resulting in poor forming after bending. It is necessary to start from the punching and cutting station to solve this problem.

3. Due to the instability of precision hardware stamping during bending. Mainly for U-shaped and V-shaped bending. The key to solving this problem is to guide the stamping parts before bending, during the bending process, and to press the material to prevent slipping during bending.



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