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Industry knowledge
What are the basic requirements for equipment in the mold industry?
01-05 / 2024

At present, many people are engaged in the mold processing industry, but most friends may not be clear about the basic requirements for equipment in the mold industry? The weight adaptability of its machine tools and modules, as well as the size of the worktable, are a series of issues. Let's take a look at the manufacturer of Ligao Precision Mold.

The following basic requirements have been proposed for mold processing equipment:

1. The size of the workbench should be suitable for the overall dimensions of the mold, suitable for rectangular, square, and circular shapes, and should not be narrow or long. However, the height direction and stroke require a large space.

Hardware stamping mold

2. It is necessary to have high accuracy and precision retention, while the machine tool should have good rigidity and a large load-bearing capacity that is suitable for the weight of the module.

3. In order to adapt to complex spatial surface machining with a large amount of processing capacity, it is required that the machine tool can be multi axis linkage and equipped with a large information capacity CNC system.

4. To be able to quickly and efficiently remove excess, with high reliability, to maintain continuous and long-term full load operation.

The above four points introduce the basic equipment requirements for molds. We should also pay attention to whether these requirements are met in the daily operation of molds. Of course, the safety of operating molds is also very important.

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