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Common causes of contact fragment failure?
04-04 / 2023

Contact fragments generally have a relatively long service life, with some having a maximum lifespan of up to 1 million times. It is reasonable to say that there are relatively few cases of failure. So, what are the general reasons for contact fragment failure? Based on years of experience in dealing with products, I would like to share with you here.

The common failure situations of contact fragments are as follows:

Overtravel: For example, manually pressing the shrapnel may cause uncontrollable travel and potentially damage the shrapnel.

Overpressure: For example, when manually pressing the shrapnel, the pressure is uncontrollable, and the load may exceed the normal preset pressure value of the shrapnel, which may lead to overtravel and damage to the shrapnel.

Excessive crushing: Use sharp objects or nails to cause bullet scratches.

Contact too large: The design of the contact is unreasonable, resulting in the contact not being used well with the shrapnel, which affects the normal use of the shrapnel.

Unbalanced contact surface of shrapnel: The surrounding area where shrapnel is placed is unbalanced.

Poor contact: Install the shrapnel reasonably and pay attention to leaving space for the shrapnel.

Resistance value: The resistance value of the shrapnel is relatively fixed, such as less than 100 ohms for stainless steel, less than 1 ohm for nickel plating, and less than 0.1 ohms for gold plating.

However, after all, it is easy to understand that bad usage habits can also affect the service life of metal shrapnel. So what should be paid attention to in the daily use of metal shrapnel?

When using contact shrapnel, pay attention to reasonable use and refer to the following methods:

Contact with shrapnel: The size of the contact must be used in conjunction with the shrapnel, or the size of the contact must be selected to avoid excessive crushing of the shrapnel.

Overpressure: All shrapnel have preset positive pressure values, if the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to the shrapnel.

Over travel: Most of the shrapnel is designed based on a flat surface, and special models are designed according to customer requirements. The contact point can be lower than the placement surface.

Fixed shrapnel: There are generally two methods for fixing shrapnel,

1) Use adhesive tape for fixation;

2) Some fragments have buckle foot design and are used as fixed fragments during assembly.

Contact spring

Each product produced by Shenzhen Ligao Precision Mold Co., Ltd. has stable test results and excellent performance. Generally speaking, each contact spring is clearly marked with its service life. If there are any unclear information, please consult us about the product's relevant service life before use.

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