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Metal stamping lower mold and demolding production
04-04 / 2023

Metal stamping lower mold and demolding production

The mold for metal stamping generally consists of four parts: mold base, upper mold base, lower mold base, and stripper plate. In order to reduce work cycles and enhance the accuracy of stamping molds produced, manufacturers will imitate the techniques of excellent operators to reduce the occurrence of abnormal errors in mold production

1. The template lowered during production floats onto the pin hole, and R0.1 is poured and polished below.

2. Remove the burrs on the front of all frame openings of the template without chamfering, and chamfer C0.2 on the back.

3. Reverse R1.0 and polish the front side of the auxiliary guide pillar hole on the lower plate, and reverse R0.5 and polish the back side.

4. Lower board Φ Pour R1.0 on both sides of the 12.000 positioning hole and polish it.

5. Invert R0.5 and polish the discharge direction of the front frame opening of the fan-shaped adjustment station.

6. Lower cushion plate Φ Pour R1.0 on both sides of the 12.06 positioning hole and polish it.

7. Invert R0.2 and polish the front and back of the tapping holes on the lower mold pad.

8. Clean the inner holes of the two boards with kerosene.

9. Place the moving parts on the lower board to confirm if they can be moved up and down.

10. Reconfirm the flange size of the auxiliary guide sleeve.

11. Tap the auxiliary guide sleeve into place from the back of the lower plate. (Note: only for non adhesive tight fitting)

12 Φ Drive in the 12.000 positioning pin from the front of the lower template and extend the straight line approximately 10.0mm from the back.

13. Use M6 screws to connect the lower base plate and lower template.

14. Insert the knife edge pad. (Pay attention to directionality and avoid blocking the cutting process)

15. Shenzhen Hardware Stamping Production Knock-in Blanking Knife Edge Insertion Block. (Check if there are any chipping angles on the cutting edge. The cutting edge surface can be 0.000~0.005mm higher than the mold surface and not lower than the mold surface)

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